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Talk on Depression for Seniors at Geylang East Active Ageing Centre

🌟 Our Counsellors and Social Workers recently had the privilege of engaging with the seniors at Geylang East Active Ageing Centre on a topic close to our hearts: Depression among Seniors. 💬👵

Did you know? Depression can worsen existing health conditions and may lead to suicide. 📊 Our talk delved into the symptoms to look out for, shedding light on how to recognise and address them early on. 🚨 Plus, we shared valuable insights on prevention strategies and how to seek help when needed. 🤝

Creating spaces for open dialogue on mental health is crucial, especially for seniors who may feel overlooked. 🌈 Let's continue breaking the stigma and fostering a culture of support and understanding, together. 💕

A big thank you to Geylang East Active Ageing Centre for providing this invaluable opportunity for outreach and public education. 🙏

🌟 最近,海悦的辅导员和社工有幸与在芽笼东活跃乐龄中心分享了关于年长者抑郁症的重要话题。💬👵

你知道吗?抑郁症会加重现有的健康问题,甚至可能导致自杀。📊 我们的讲座探讨了需要关注的症状,以及如何及早识别和寻求援助。🚨🤝

创造空间去开放地讨论心理健康问题是非常重要,尤其是对于经常被忽视的年长者。🌈 让我们继续消除社会对心理疾病的偏见,培养互助和互相体谅的文化。💕



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