There are two Volunteer Roles:


HOA Facilitators

Volunteers are trained to co-facilitate artistic workshops for older persons and build a supportive community for participants.





Volunteers are trained with basic counselling skills and are attached to older persons who may be depressed, lonely or isolated. They will visit them on a regular basis, to support them and help them cope with their issues.

What some of our volunteers say


First time volunteers

Mr & Mrs Pang, 75

HOA facilitators

“We have free time. Our children and grandchildren are big already. ... The experience [volunteering] has made us happy. Being at home can be very boring as we would be alone, but coming here is fun.” 


A meaningful way to spend retirement

Yoke Chin, 59

HOA facilitator

“It is truly heart-warming to see the elderly happy doing the activities at O’Joy and having company. Many elderly folks feel lonely at home and sometimes just need to talk to someone.”​

Never too old to volunteer

Chiew Sim, 65

HOA facilitator

“It is good for the old folks to come down and spend a few hours being active, meeting and talking to other people. Otherwise the day is very long for them and it is dreary. I make many new friends here too!”

Asked if she will ever slow down, she replied animatedly, “I will do this until I can’t do it anymore!”​


Participant turned volunteer

Ong Khng Tee, 63

HOA facilitator

"I knew who they [other HOA participants] are, but we weren't on talking terms. After coming here, I feel we are one big family. I will look out for them on the streets now."


Reaping the rewards of volunteering

Maria Koh, 68

HOA facilitator & Para-counsellor

“By helping people, I also get to learn a lot from the oldies such as remedies for a sore throat! They have years of experience and they will tell you to try all kinds of things. Some of these can't be found in books and sometimes, they do work.”​

Matched to the Board

Joanna Teo, 30

Past president of management committee

“The work at O'Joy has been very meaningful and rewarding [to me], knowing that our services are benefitting older Singaporeans and their families.”​

Volunteer training course

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Passionate & Committed? Join us!