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Digital Learning with Cedar Girls

O'Joy's training room was a buzz of excitement and laughter as students from Cedar Girls Secondary School joined our seniors for an wonderful afternoon of digital learning.

The day began with lively ice-breaking games, where the room was filled with smiles and cheers as seniors and students played for biscuit prizes. 

The heart of the event was a one-on-one digital learning session. Each student became a personal tech guru, patiently guiding their senior through the wonders of the digital world. From taking photos and sending Whatsapp messages to exploring TikTok and Instagram, shopping on Shopee, and navigating the NLB app, our seniors were eager learners, and the students were excellent teachers.

In a touching gesture to celebrate Mother’s Day, the students presented handmade flowers to our seniors. The joy and gratitude in the room were palpable, making it a truly memorable moment.

Thank you, Cedar Girls' Secondary School, for your enthusiasm and kindness. And to Heartware Network for making the connection. These intergenerational activities create beautiful memories and meaningful connections that our seniors cherish. 💖


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