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Help Elderly overcome Loneliness

Loneliness and lack of purpose in life are possible causes of depression and mental health problems in elderly persons. Seniors living alone are twice more likely to develop depressive symptoms.

Loneliness does not just affect the elderly living alone. Even those living with families, but unable to connect with them may feel lonely and isolated.

Depression can persist for many years and greatly affect the quality of life of an elderly and their caregivers. If left untreated, it may lead to heart diseases and other physical problems. Older persons with depression are also more likely to develop dementia.

We are here to help. O'Joy is a social service organisation that fills a need where we help the elderly and their families/caregivers deal with mental health issues and concerns.

Your gift will go towards services and programmes that enable healthy ageing for more seniors.

Your donation is also eligible for 250% tax benefits.

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Help Our Seniors Age with Grace

Here at O'Joy, we run various programmes to improve the overall well-being of our seniors. These activities encourage seniors to stay physically and socially active.

Our Health-Oriented Ageing (HOA) programme enhances the biopsychosocial wellbeing of seniors, through onsite preventative active ageing activities include movement and dance, angklung, singing, art & craft and more.

Bring O'Joy Home (BOH), the digital version of HOA, commenced in the midst of the pandemic, to encourage home-bound seniors to continue socialising and participating actively online.

Through these programmes, we hope to make a difference. We strive to improve the quality of life for seniors, one activity at a time.

Join us on our mission today. Donate generously to help our seniors age with grace!

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Caring for Elderly Caregivers

Elderly caregivers have to cope with their own increasing frailty and health deterioration, as they take care for their aged spouse.

As Singapore becomes a super aged nation, it is not uncommon to see elderly caregivers looking after their equally aged ailing spouse. Caregiving is extra arduous for them, as they themselves are no longer young and their health and energy is also failing. They can be overwhelmed with caregiver's stress and develop depression and anxiety.

O'Joy Limited seeks to provide counselling & support for elderly caregivers. Our counsellors and social workers are here to manage their stresses of caregiving. Support our efforts in caring for elderly caregivers by donating to our cause today.

Donations will be matched and you will be entitled to a 250% tax exemption.

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Three Ways to Donate



Make a tax-deductible donation via Giving.SG - a crowd-funding platform endorsed by Commissioner of Charities.


Donate via PAYNOW on your mobile banking app.


You can mail your cheque payable to 

"O'Joy Limited"

to our office address: 

Blk 5 Upper Boon Keng Road

#02-10 Singapore 380005

On behalf of our beneficiaries, we thank you for your generosity.

Why donate to us?

Some of our services and programmes are not fully funded and could use your support.


For vulnerable seniors with little or no family support, or vulnerable adults with financial difficulty, their counselling fees are often waived. By supporting our work, you can ensure the continuity of assistance to these vulnerable persons. You will be helping our beneficiaries improve their living conditions, make new social connections, rebuild confidence and find new hope in life.​

No donation is small - every amount counts. Yet your contribution is priceless to our beneficiaries.


All cash donations are eligible for 250% tax benefits. The tax deduction will be automatically included in your tax assessment if you provide your NRIC, FIN or UEN number.

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