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Room_ Love

Sponsor A Room

Humble Spaces with a Mission

At O'Joy, our rooms transcend mere walls; they embody a mission to do good. Consider becoming a Room Sponsor, and your sponsored room will proudly carry your name, a testament to your generosity. Elevate your name to an honorable space with the added benefit of 250% tax deduction eligibility for your sponsorship.

Counselling Rooms

Spaces that heals

Room: Love


The family room where family members reconcile and reconnect. A space where love overcomes all differences.

Room_ Hope


The counselling room where a vulnerable person with suicidal ideation sees a glimpse of hope in the darkest night.

Room_ Peace


The counselling room imbue with peace to restore a sense of calm to the most anxious minds.

This room is sponsored by Sky Foundation

Glass Rooms

Spaces that sparks great ideas

Room_ Synergy


The meeting room where compassion and wisdom converge to conceive new initiatives to improve the mental wellbeing of vulnerable seniors and adults.

Room_ Inspiration


The incubator space where interns inspire to become future changemakers in the social service sector.

Room_ Memories


A room for reminiscence as our seniors bring us on a walk down their memory lanes.


Community Rooms

Spaces for kampong spirit and lifelong learning

Room_ Growth


The training room is where our seniors learn new skills to keep their minds alert, and exercise to keep their bodies active.

Room_ Kopitiam


Our very own kopitiam created to preserve the kinship and kampong spirit that bonds our seniors.


On behalf of our beneficiaries, we thank you for your generosity.

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