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O'Joy wins two awards at Charity Governance Awards Night 2019

O'Joy is honoured to be presented two awards at the Charity Governance Awards Night 2019. We won the Charity Transparency Award 2019, and Charity Governance Award 2019 with Special Commendation for Operational Efficiency.

Conferred by the Charity Council, the Charity Transparency Award rewards charities with transparency and good disclosure practices as important pillars of good governance, while the Charity Governance award recognises charities with the highest standards of governance.

O'Joy Care Services was founded in early 2004 amidst emerging trends of ageing population, by a group of social workers and professional counsellors who recognised the need for prevention and early intervention of mental health issues associated with ageing, and to promote healthy ageing among seniors.

True to its mission of becoming a leading organization in the field of psychosocial care to enhance the wellbeing of older persons and their families, O'Joy has provided quality professional counselling and clinical case management services to over 5,600 clients since 2004.

From Sep 2013 till date, one of our flagship program - Health-Oriented Ageing (HOA) has grown from strength to strength. Reaching out to senior residents in the Upper Boon Keng area, this community programme engages our seniors in exercises, singing, wushu, anklung and visual arts over five days a week. Such community learning opportunities enable our seniors to keep physically and mentally active, make new friends and learn new skills, defying the stereotype that age is the limit. With training, active HOA members are empowered to volunteer as facilitators for the program. This truly light up the spirit of senior for senior.

Our LEAN journey began in 2018, guiding us to improve the safety and quality of our service delivery to our clients and beneficiaries at lower costs. We are heartened that this effort is recognised by the award of Special Commendation for Operational Efficiency.

We would like to express appreciation to our supportive donors and committed volunteers for their faith in our work, and to our Management Committee for visionary leadership.

Upholding our spirit of service, we endeavour to bring oceans of joy to those we serve.


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