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Interns from SMU

Kimberly, Charity and Ziyang joined O'Joy as interns from Singapore Management University (SMU). During this internship, their main focus was to create several promotional/documentary videos as part of a branding and marketing effort for our organisation. Their team also assisted our staff with story writing and organising intergenerational activities with Agape Little Uni, a childcare and kindergarten next to us.

We are extremely impressed with high quality of work that was produced by the team. We thank them for their commitment and dedication to excellence.

Here are the links to the videos they produced:

1. Health Oriented Ageing (HOA):

2. HOA SGBicentennial Celebration:

3. Interview with volunteer (Mr Pang)

4. Interview with volunteer (Mdm Fong)

5. Interview with participant (Mdm Liaw)

6. Interview with participant (Mdm Chan)

7. O'Joy Corporate video


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