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Faces of O'Joy - Chee Hong

"It is very fulfilling to be able to plan and execute programs that engages the elderly. This gives them an opportunity for interaction, social engagement and empowers these seniors to lead active lives" ~ Chee Hong

Chee Hong has been working with O'Joy since 2013. As the only staff coordinator of O'Joy's Health-Oriented Ageing (HOA) programme, Chee Hong leads a team of 30 committed senior volunteers who devotes their time as HOA facilitators. Since the inception of HOA in 2013, Chee Hong has been instrumental in managing the programme, growing it from 30 participants to more than 100 participants. HOA now offers exercises, singing, movement, wushu, angklung, arts & crafts, and bonding over lunch to the seniors in our community from Monday to Friday*. As a very hands-on person, Chee Hong worked alongside his facilitators to recreate many memorable pieces of decorations, such as the 3-metre high X-mas tree for Christmas celebration, and the kampung house for the #SGBicentennial celebration. All of which constructed out of recycled materials to reduce waste and to keep the cost of HOA lean, yet maximising smiles for our seniors as they reminisce the old times.

*HOA paused temporarily due to COVID-19.


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