Services for Older Persons

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What we do

As reports indicate that the number of seniors and the general life expectancy of Singaporeans would continue to rise in Singapore, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that seniors get the care and support they need to help them maintain a good quality of life.


At O'Joy, we understand that seniors have complex needs that require tailored services therefore, keeping in mind that every senior is unique, we attend to their bio-psycho-social needs through providing counselling and clinical case management services ensuring holistic care. We also provide linkages to other services when required and work closely with community partners to ensure seamless transitions. It is our desire that through our services, the seniors would be empowered to improve their mental well-being and increase their resilience to cope with life's challenges. 


Being mindful of incorporating the multicultural framework into our work, we understand the importance of engaging seniors in the different languages that they have come to be familiar with expressing themselves in, therefore we conduct our counselling sessions in different languages like English, Mandarin, Malay and other dialects.

Criteria for services

Persons aged 50 years old and above who are living with the following issues/concerns:

  • Grief and loss

  • End of life/Existential concerns

  • Loneliness/isolation

  • Forgetfulness and losing ability to manage normal daily living

  • Difficulty adjusting to transitions and changes (eg. job status, decline in psychological or physical health etc.)


We also provide support for family members/caregivers who experience stress caring for their elderly loved ones who are experiencing the above-mentioned concerns.


Fees & Referrals

Please refer to the Fees & Referrals page.

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I would like to thank and appreciate my counsellor Ms Chew Yat Peng for her professional yet personable approach in helping me walk thru the darkness. 

I suffered from past traumatic events that led me into depression. I received no emotional support from friends and family but only judgement and prejudice. 


During this difficult time, Yat Peng showed me kindness, patience and understanding. I am very fortunate to have her as my counsellor. 

Thank you once again.

—  LT, 50yo