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What Para-Counsellors do?

  1. Conduct regular visits to assigned elderly individuals, establishing a consistent presence to build trust and rapport.

  2. Offer empathetic and compassionate listening to elderly who are lonely and isolated, providing emotional support and a non-judgmental space.

Requirements for volunteering as a para-counsellor

  1. Successfully complete a mandatory 4-session Volunteer Training Course held over four Saturdays.

  2. Commit to volunteering for a minimum of one year following the completion of the volunteer training course.

  3. Commit to visiting the assigned elderly individual once or twice a month.

  4. Proficiency in Mandarin is essential, and the ability to speak local dialects is considered an added advantage.

Benefits of volunteering as para-counsellor at O'Joy

Support Group

Engage in regular support group sessions facilitated by our professional counsellors to address any challenges you may encounter during your helping process.

Sense of Fulfillment

Experience profound fulfillment and satisfaction by assisting others in navigating life's challenges, contributing to their well-being.

Talks & Workshops

Access yearly talks and workshops designed to boost your personal growth and development, providing valuable insights and skills.

Recognition & Appreciation

Volunteers making exemplary contributions will be acknowledged, fostering a positive and appreciative volunteer environment that recognizes your valuable efforts.

Acknowledgements of our para-counsellors


Maria Koh

volunteered with O'Joy since 2006

We are proud of Maria Koh for being shortlisted for the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards in the People of Good (Senior) category in 2021.

Maria is a very dedicated and committed volunteer with O'Joy for the past 15 years. She has contributed so much of her time, energy, and efforts to serving older persons, persons with mental and physical disabilities, and residents of Upper Boon Keng Road. It is very enjoyable working with Maria as she is very flexible and has the heart to give her best, regardless of how difficult or challenging the tasks are. She will go the extra mile to make clients feel comfortable, cared for, and dignified. She is also very happy to guide new volunteers as they start their volunteering journey with us. We are very honoured to have Maria as our volunteer. 

Congratulations, Maria! 💐

Golden Star


volunteered with O'Joy since 2014

Thank you for being who you are. You have a quality that is not commonly found in most people. You have the heart of a volunteer. You are willing to sacrifice your time and effort for people like us who needs the help most. And for that, we the recipients of your generosity will not be able to thank you enough.


The very act of listening to us means so much to someone like me. From you, I can glean a sliver of hope in this life where most of us have to deal with daily despair. You have taken the step to open up yourself to us, and we appreciate you so very much.


My prayer for you this day is that all your hopes and aspirations are met with success, and may you be healthy and blessed always.

~ from Mr R, client served by Lucinda

Fist Bump

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