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Health-Oriented Ageing

About HOA

Launched in 2013, our Health-Oriented Ageing (HOA) program caters to individuals aged 50 and above, delivering activities five days a week from Monday to Friday mornings. Due to the increasing number of participants, we've relocated the program to the multi-purpose hall of Geylang West Community Club, accommodating 80-100 seniors simultaneously.

The program comprises three components:

  1. Exercises to maintain physical activity and delay mobility loss,

  2. Art activities led by Professional Instructors (Movement & Dance, Taichi, Singing, Angklung, Arts & Crafts) scheduled throughout the week to stimulate cognitive functions and deter dementia progression, and

  3. Lunchtime sharing sessions (optional dependent on lunch sponsors' availability and not daily).


Beyond enhancing physical well-being, HOA fosters a sense of community among seniors, providing a supportive social environment. Our vigilant team of professionals closely monitors participants for any signs of emotional or psychological concerns, ensuring timely intervention.

Enrolment is open to any senior interested in becoming a participant of the HOA program.


Multi-Purpose Hall,

Geylang West Community Club

1205 Upper Boon Keng Rd, Singapore 387311


Monday to Friday

10.15 am to 12 pm

HOA lala exercise.png

Mon to Fri

Lala Exercise

Lala exercise offers elderly individuals gentle stretching and weight exercises to stay active and prevent mobility deterioration.

HOA singing.png



Acapella Singing for the elderly is not just about enjoying your favorite oldies. It's a therapeutic exercise that exercises your lung, throat, and vocal muscles, preventing deterioration in old age for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Movement 02.png


Movement & Dance

Movement and dance provide the elderly with a joyful experience, dancing to familiar rhythms and oldies they love. It's a delightful way to have fun while staying active and engaged.

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Angklung playing for the elderly enhances hand-eye coordination and concentration. This engaging activity not only fosters mental acuity but also provides a joyful platform for social interaction, promoting a sense of well-being among participants.




Taichi improves strength and balance for the elderly, fostering a serene inner being that enhances their mental well-being. 

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Arts & Crafts

Therapeutic arts & crafts foster creativity and cognitive stimulation, providing a joyful platform for self-expression, and enhances overall well-being and a sense of accomplishment in a supportive environment.

HOA Videos

Artful Ageing at HOA Program
Health Oriented Ageing (HOA)
HOA SGBicentennial Celebration
Interview with our senior participant
Interview with our senior participant
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Join us for a Vibrant Active, and Joyful aging experience

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