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Volunteer as para-counsellors

We train you to become Para-counsellors.

Do you like elderly?  Are you interested in helping older persons as a volunteer para-counsellor? But you are not sure where and how to start?

Join us!  We will provide you with 16 hours of Volunteer Training…to equip you with the appropriate skills and knowledge to provide emotional support to lonely, isolated elderly through one-to-one home visits on a regular basis. 

Serving with commitment, devotion, integrity and compassion, you will gain immense satisfaction and fulfillment from being able to bring joy to an elderly in need!   

We will support you through quarterly support group sessions, further training and development, and yearly review.  You will enjoy the comradeship with other volunteers and celebrate your own growth as a person through volunteering!

We want YOU!!!  Together, WE can make a DIFFERENCE!

Attend our orientation on Saturday 2 May 2020 at 10 am.

(We will send you the link on Zoom when you register with us.)

To register, email or call us on 67490190.


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