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HOA Celebration Lunch Success!

We are thrilled to share the wonderful success of our Health-Oriented Ageing (HOA) Celebration Lunch held on Tuesday 28 May! 🎉

We had an amazing turnout of 140 seniors, volunteers, and community partners. A heartfelt thank you to all the donors and volunteers who made this event possible. Your generosity and support brought immense joy to our beloved seniors. 💖

A special thanks to the IMDA officers for giving an insightful talk on avoiding cyber scams, helping our seniors stay safe online. 🛡️

Our seniors dazzled us with 4 fantastic performances, led by our professional instructors. Their talent and enthusiasm were truly inspiring! 🎭

The day was capped off with a sumptuous buffet lunch that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. 🍽️

Thank you all for making this celebration so memorable! Together, we are fostering a vibrant and connected community. 🌈✨


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