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#HeartBeats - Senior Mental Health Edition

O'Joy is collaborating with VolunteerSG to deliver two webinars about Mental Health for Seniors.

Details of Webinars: Session 1: Depression and anxiety in Seniors Ever wondered why some seniors are always unhappy? Have you ever wondered how the mental health of seniors affects their physical health? Wonder no more! This workshop will teach you about the mental health issues faced by seniors, and how we can help them! Session 2: Hoarding - A Pile of Problems Ever been to a senior's home and saw that it was full of old newspapers, cardboard, and plastic bags? Hoarding may be just the tip of the iceberg of hidden issues! Attend this workshop by O’Joy to learn more about how hoarding arises in seniors, the dangers of hoarding, and how we can help hoarding seniors! Session Outline: 10 mins: Introduction to O'Joy services and speaker profiles 1 hour: Sharing on anxiety and depression 10 mins: Interactive Kahoot Quiz 10 mins: Q&A and Closing Statements Sign-up Link: #HeartBeats Channel:

Looking forward to see you online!

Correction: this collaboration is with VolunteerSG, not with Youth Corps as stated before. VolunteerSG is a ground-up initiative, it's "by students, for students". The students are mainly from universities and IHLs.


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