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Capturing Intergenerational Joy: Agape Little Uni's Heartwarming Interaction with Seniors

🌟 Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting K2 students from Agape Little Uni at our centre for an intergenerational visit! 🎉

They brought mandarin oranges and goodie bags for each of our seniors, spreading joy all around. 🍊 The children's delightful song and dance performances warmed our seniors' hearts, and in return, our seniors serenaded them with a few tunes. 🎶

Together, they even crafted firecrackers during a fun game session! 💥 After the lively interaction, our Executive Director shared fascinating insights with the children about vintage appliances like the "fridge" used over 60 years ago. 🕰️

Let's cherish these beautiful moments of connection and learning! 🌈


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