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How to Say No? - Workshop for Para-Counsellors

Exciting Workshop Update!

Over the weekend, we hosted an empowering training workshop for our dedicated volunteer para-counsellors!  With 18 enthusiastic participants, Dr. Chew Yat Peng from O'Joy led an insightful session on "How to Say No."

Exploring the art of assertiveness, our para-counsellors learned valuable techniques to confidently say no when needed, unlocking the power of setting boundaries, respecting both the rights and needs of self and others.  

The workshop featured engaging practice sessions, allowing participants to apply their newfound skills in a supportive environment.  All of the participants gave positive feedback, expressing gratitude for gaining tools to navigate situations where saying no is crucial.

Kudos to our amazing para-counsellors and a heartfelt thank you to Yat Peng for an enriching session!  Let's continue to empower each other and foster a culture of self-care!


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