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Mission & Objectives

Our Mission

To be a leading organisation in the field of psychosocial care to enhance the well-being of older persons and their families and/or caregivers.

Our Objectives

  • To help fufil the psychological needs of older persons, their families and/or their caregivers through our counselling services.

  • To enhance the availability and skills level of volunteer help in gerontological psychosocial services through our training and management of volunteers.

  • To promote the professional development of gerontological practices through our training programmes.

Our Values


Feeling of sympathy and unconditional love for one another with a strong desire to alleviate suffering.


Systemic approach in dealing with issues with emphasis on the importance of the whole/interdependence of its parts.


Strict adherence to moral and ethical principles.

"To care is to provide support and help, especially in times of difficulty."

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